The Holiday Season & A Starbucks Obsession : The struggle IS real.

Tis the season for all the delicious treats you can get at starbucks for a limited time. My favorite happens to be one that you can have ALL year round. Cinnamon Dolce Latte. YUM. I don’t know about your but the baristas definitely use too much syrup (just my opinion) SO when I order a venti I usually get the latte with half the amount of pumps they do for flavor… Its usually 6…I do 2 1/2 -3. Another favorite is a Cafe Miso which is just coffee with steamed milk, made however you want it…then I sprinkle cinnamon on top. I just love cinnamon.  If you don’t want the calories of the latte you can always get a americano or coffee with 1-2 pumped of flavoring in it!! plus you feel better about your healthier choice!

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Not only is it the season of yummy delicious starbucks treats but it is also the time of year when all of my friends get together for our “Friends Christmas Holiday Party” which happens to be THIS SATURDAY!!!! How did this come up so fast????? I love this time of year. Friends, family, baking, decoration, shopping, gifts, and memories! All of us are bringing something different. This year I am going to be making the Whoopie Pie Family Recipe !! So good. So many great things to be looking forward to this month 🙂


*December 2013* 

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