You only live once, so live it BLONDE

I don’t know about you BUT … hair appointments happen to be one of my favorite things. Every six weeks I look forward to fresh color and sometimes a trim (if I have to). I have always been the girl who always wants something new done with my look. I can get very bored with my look so the first thing that changes is my hair. I have been Brunette, black (never again), redhead, dirty blonde, platinum blonde, ombre, you name it I have probably done it. Within the passed 2 years I have stuck with the blonde…lightening it…darkening it…and ombre. I have never loved and stayed with a hair color so long and I’m quite proud of myself.

Here are some pictures of todays masterpiece :


image 2

image 3



Once you find that dream colour there is no going back. 


Some things I have come to realize becoming a blonde:

1. Being Blonde is addictive. 

2. The thought of dying your hair any other colour is scary. 

3. People always ask if your a natural blonde. (no, no I am not) 

4. Sure…some people think that blondes are dumb BUT you know the truth. 

5. There will always be haters.

6. We pretty much can pull off any colour.

7. They say blondes have more fun…it might be true.

8. Guys might say they prefer brunettes but you know what? they don’t really know what they want. 

9. Blonde goes with everything.

10. If you can keep your blonde healthy – hold onto it forever.


^ When it comes down to it…do what makes you happy.

Be blonde, brunette, red, back or even purple. Stay confident and beautiful.



What is your favorite thing about your hair?


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